Anti Slip Football Socks (Ankle)



Anti Slip Football Socks (Ankle)


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✅ NO MORE SORE FEET – These socks will eliminate post-exercise sore feet and blisters by vastly reducing the amount of rubbing and slipping your feet experience during exercise.

✅ ENHANCE YOUR PERFORMANCE – By eliminating slippage inside the shoe, our socks will allow you to be more confident in your movements when it’s most crucial, thereby improving your agility and overall performance. Wear these when performing sports and you’ll never want to go back to normal socks!

✅ MAXIMUM VERSATILITY – Due to the elasticity of these socks, they will fit UK sizes 5.5 to 11. Whatever your age, gender or sport, you will experience the benefit of these socks. Whether it be for Football, Running, Tennis, Hiking or any other high-intensity activity.

✅ FOR CUSTOMERS WHO VALUE QUALITY OVER QUANTITY – Formed from a strong, breathable blend material with both comfort and ventilation in mind. Be wary of foreign, lower-grade brands claiming to sell socks of similar quality to us for less, avoid disappointment and go with LUX Sports.

✅ LIFETIME GUARANTEE – If you are not completely satisfied with your Premium Anti-Slip Socks for whatever reason, simply let us know and we’ll refund you in full. For a risk-free purchase click ‘Add to Basket’

Tired Of Post-Exercise Foot Soreness And Pain?

Our socks are specially designed to provide you with unparalleled grip and security within your footwear. When wearing other football socks, slipping occurs between your foot, the socks and your footwear which is the cause of your sore feet and blisters. However, here, the Rubber Pad Sole Technology is used to connect these layers together to act as one so that no slipping occurs, therefore eliminating foot pain and blisters during and after exercise.

Looking For Superior Acceleration And Agility Within Your Footwear?

The Rubber Pad Sole Technology ensures maximum security within your footwear and produces a ‘locked in’ sensation. This means that when a burst of energy and explosive speed is required, you are able to do so without struggling to find sufficient grip inside your slippy boot. The grip is there and ready for whenever you require it.

Don’t Let Your Socks Limit Your Performance!

– Versatile Ankle Design

– Formed From A Moisture-Wicking, Breathable Blend Material

– Exclusive Rubber Pad Sole Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What sizes do these socks support?
A- These socks come in one size and due to their elasticity, fit UK Adult Sizes 5.5-11.

Q- What sports/activities are these socks designed for?
A- There is no one intended use for the socks, you will feel the benefits of them in any activity that involves extensive leg movement, from Walking to Sprinting, and Boxing to Rugby.

Q- I have another question that isn’t answered here, how can I resolve this?
A- Please feel free to get in contact with us via our Amazon Store page, we will be more than happy to help!

Please be aware that these are not official Trusox, however, they provide the same benefits.





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If you don’t like your LUX Sports products for whatever reason, simply go to our ‘Contact Us’ page and let us know and we’ll authorise your return and full refund upon receiving your product(s).

We offer a 60-day no-questions-asked returns policy on all our products but we do ask that the returner pays the return postage.

13 reviews for Anti Slip Football Socks (Ankle)

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  1. Jordan

    Great socks would highly recommend these for football training or any other sport that you prefer to wear ankle socks

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  2. Amazon Customer

    Fit well, feel great, couldn’t ask more from a pair of socks.

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  3. ScottyGop

    Most painful socks I have ever ran in. These are perfect as house socks, non slip on hard surfaces however the rubber blocks in the sole are around 2-3mm thick and press into your sole as you run. They arrived today and I have just done 5 miles, I was aware of them ‘crumpling’ between the balls of my feet and my toes after the first few miles but now I have finished I can not believe how tender my feet are, blisters to match. Do your self a favour – buy others to run in. I will be.

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  4. Si

    I wanted to try these after having sore feet after playing a game, and went for the cheaper option. Not disappointed and I now use them every game.

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  5. Nina Lewis

    These look great but not tried yet as they are a Christmas present.

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  6. Amazon Customer

    I have used the calf-length socks from Lux Sports before which I was happy with, I saw that they’d just released ankle-length versions and got them as I thought they would be handy for my mornings runs. Very happy with the performance of these socks, will be purchasing again in the future!

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  7. Chris Laughton

    Very pleased with the socks, I have noticed a considerable decrease in foot soreness after my morning runs. They also come in handy for my yoga classes and gym workouts. Will be buying more, top seller, great delivery, great product!!

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  8. Cynthia

    Love them! Great fit and nice for yoga because they’re non slip, so you can wear them on a wooden floor!

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  9. cap1503

    Great quality sock. Highly recommended. Bought for my son who’s says they are comfortable and have worked well in his football boots.

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  10. Mrs Julie Hobbs

    Great purchase. Thank you

    (0) (0)
  11. Andrew W.

    Boys find indispensable for sport

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  12. Amazon Customer

    Great fit and comfort compared to similar products!

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  13. Alistair N Aitchison


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